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AMP – Note Consultant Opportunity

Welcome to Apex Mortgage Partners Corporation, Thank you for your interest in the AMPC Note Consultant Opportunity, AMPC was established in early 2014 for the sole purpose of buying seller financed real estate notes. Since, […]


AMP – Note PRO – Business Mentorship

AMP – Note PRO AMP – “Note PRO” Business Mentorship Program For specific individual detailed guidance toward your success we offer hands on, one-on-one “Note PRO” Business Mentorship Program with Apex Mortgage Partners specialists. On […]

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How to Sell Your Mortgage Note

  Want freedom from collecting payments for the next 10, 20, or even 30 years? Prefer a lump sum of cash today? If you sold property with seller financing chances are you’ve wondered about selling […]


Safe Seller Financing Tips

  It’s a tough time to sell a house. Hoping to stand out from the crowd, sellers are advertising “Owner Will Finance!” Accepting payments over time provides buyers an alternative to bank financing. Of course […]

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Protect Your Mortgage Note

  A buyer failing to make payments on the mortgage note isn’t your only worry. Understandably, a buyer that stops making payments is a major concern when using owner financing. After all, a seller-financed note […]

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Learn the Value of Your Note

Wondering just how much your mortgage note is worth? The value of a note or contract is affected by many factors including the: Down Payment Terms of the Note Buyer’s Credit Rating and Payment History Type […]


5 Reasons Property Owners Offer Seller Financing

Why would a seller allow a buyer to make payments over time for the purchase of property?Wouldn’t the seller rather get paid now and require the buyer to obtain a bank loan? Here are 5 […]

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Ready to sell your mortgage notes?

  Protect yourself with outside closings! When an investor has performed their research and is ready to purchase a private mortgage note they will ask the seller to deliver original documents (note, recorded mortgage, etc.) […]