AMP – “Note PRO” Business Mentorship Program

For specific individual detailed guidance toward your success we offer hands on, one-on-one “Note PRO” Business Mentorship Program with Apex Mortgage Partners specialists. On your first call we will customize a mentorship program for you to move towards your personal and business goals. Some of the things we usually cover may include:

Getting Started – Business focus, Strengths and Weaknesses, Who You Know, Finances and Ideas

Marketing For Notes – Advertising, Direct Mail, Referrals, “Every Single Profitable Note Marketing Idea in the World, and Your Marketing Materials.

Good and Bad Notes – What is a Good note, What is a Bad note, Types of Property, Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, Firsts, Seconds, Wholesale, Retail.

Analyzing Notes – Completing a Worksheet, Additional Info Needed, Full Purchases, Partial Purchases and Split Options.

Presenting the Offer and Negotiating – Presentation Options, Objections, Price Letter and “Scripts & Tips”

Packaging an Accepted Note Transactions – Property Packaging for Quick Approval, Submitting to Funding Sources and Assisting with Closing.

You will receive:

*Complete Note Business Starter Package

*Six ½ hour phone sessions

*6 months of e-mail support

*Assistance with refining your marketing materials including business cards, letters, postcards, brochures and a website.

*Exclusive, hands on, one-on-one assistance with our in-house note specialists in marketing, negotiating, packaging and closing your first transaction with Apex Mortgage Partners acting in a Master Buyer capacity and giving Mentorship students priority treatment. We invite you to contact our offices  to get started with a dedicated note professional and launch your business today. Call (888)-580-9757 or email us at We look forward to working with you soon.

Sincerest regards,

Apex Mortgage Partners Corporation  

Phone: (888)-580-9757