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Enter the world of “Owner Finance NOTES”.

This is the chance to help your existing clients with minimal effort. Apex Mortgage Partners specializes in facilitating the sale of privately financed mortgages and trust deeds.

Your clients can get the money they need through your referral to our services. You get the satisfaction of providing a referral for a service that meets your clients needs quickly and professionally.

For Real Estate Agents and Escrow Officers, this can provide an additional source of funding for client property sales. Homeowners that have been effected by a stagnate real estate market can now find a new pool of buyers by considering the option of owner financing.

Our team works with buyers who are interested in purchasing payments secured by real estate that are current or in default. Your client has the option to sell the remaining payments on a delinquent mortgage or trust deed to get cash now and avoid waiting or possibly foreclosing to recover their money. Clients holding mortgages notes or trust deeds with current payments can get money now to pay off debts, invest or use for any of their needs.

For the Mortgage Broker this provides help to private mortgage note holders who may not be receiving their payments on time. By selling the remaining payments the note holder is able to avoid the costly and lengthy process of foreclosure and ultimately holding unwanted property.

Trustee Officers can also benefit from our services. By providing junior lien holders’ contact information they allow us to eliminate the possibility of losing invested funds. As previously stated, as principal note buyers we are interested in purchasing payments, secured by real estate, that are current or in default.

All referrals are without any additional responsibilities on your behalf. Please contact us for more information at regarding any clients that may benefit from our services. We look forward to doing business with you.

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Apex Mortgage Partners Corporation